Andy C IS Drum and Bass

When he was only twelve, Andrew John Clarke’s older sister religiously recorded raves that were broadcasted on local pirate radio stations. At the time, dance music was undergoing the same struggle that rock had to endure before bursting into the mainstream – and a twelve year old Andy C was only too happy to grow the seeds of dance music potential as he absorbed every technical nuance from his sister’s rave tapes.

His quest to educate himself in the discipline of dance music branched into a desire to affect change within the scene itself: Andy sought out the connections he needed and managed to work his way into his first warehouse party at just thirteen. Andy’s eyes were suddenly opened to another world – a universe he felt at home in.

Having finally found a niche, he quickly scrounged together the equipment he needed to begin experimenting with programming breaks. After two years of releasing a steady stream of tracks, at just sixteen years of age, he started the now legendary RAM Records; then, at seventeen, he officially launched his solo debut with RAMM001 Sour Mash E.P.

With his first hit under his belt Andy C continued to push the boundaries of drum and bass. In the twenty plus years since Andy was first named “Best Newcomer” at the Hardcore Dance Awards he has garnered sixteen(!) #1 drum and bass titles, four of these placements came from DJ Magazine’s prestigious top 100 poll, and he easily landed himself at number four on Mixmag’s Greatest DJs of all time poll — he beat out countless other legends including Sasha, Carl Cox, and Paul Van Dyk.

Today, never content with the status-quo, Andy relentlessly endeavours to properly celebrate the true nature of a DJ and to push the expectations of live performances.

A testament to Andy’s years of experience came in 2010 when Oxford invited him to deliver a speech and a Q&A to their prestigious student body. Speaking on live mixing Andy said:

“I also like to try stuff out that I haven’t done before like I might just think ‘what the hell’ and go for a double drop with these two tunes, which I’ve never practiced before and don’t even know if they sound good together. It’s hit and miss but when it drops and the crowd goes wild it’s a really special moment.”

Organic in every respect, Andy C is a consummate member of the dance music community. Blazing his own trail for well over twenty years, he is a true drum and bass legend and a world class live act.

Andy C will be touching down in Vancouver for a massive edition of Twisted Production’s SoundLab at FIVESIXTY Saturday June 22nd. If you are a bass-head, you already know this is a must-see. If not, come for the experience: we guarantee fast-mixing specialist Andy C will ravage your ears while effortless manipulating three turntables and melting faces with dual drops.


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Post written by guest blogger, RYAN HAYES