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Believe: Unity Through Musical & Cultural Fusion

Nestled by the peaceful lull of the Arabian sea and basking in the sweltering heat of the tropical sun, India’s smallest state, Goa, gave shelter to a migrating hippie movement. In the early 70’s the world continued to change, and the inspirational tenants of peace, love and happiness that were developed in the late 60’s took a backseat to progress – fortunately, Goa provided a safe haven from this so-called progress.  Beaches became cultural melting pots fueled by musical experimentation and art; a new age movement of mellow and mutual respect flourished. 
Inspired by this movement, Believe Festival is transforming Whistler’s Olympic Park into a five day experiential cultural spectacle on July 11. As the Goa movement began to synthesize guitars and other instruments the world was gifted with Goa-Trance—one of the oldest and purist forms of what is now known as EDM.  Never before has a North American festival found its roots in something so authentic. In a constant state of progression, patrons pace themselves over days to experience a seasoned EDM interwoven with live instruments at Believe. 
Reggae, Hip Hop, World Music, and Drum and Bass round out Believe’s fusion-inspired aesthetic.  Manifesting the same core fundamentals of this fusion into the physical world, graffiti artists will breathe life into their vision right before your eyes and art instillations will transport you from your daily woes.  
Let the music be your gateway into a world where African and Aboriginal culture intertwine, bridging social groups and creating keen awareness and community not often present in today’s society.  Once you have severed any tenuous parasitic connection with the contemporary rat race, Believe will spark your creativity and transform you into a pure, enlightened hippy in no time. 
As a cultural experience Believe seeks to ignite the beacon of hope and togetherness that is already here in the world. From July 11-15, join us in transcendent union as Believe’s vision of cultural and musical fusion takes BC on a trip the likes of which it has never seen.  
Post written by guest blogger, RYAN HAYES