Ruby leaving

Saying Goodbye to Ruby

It is with a heavy heart and at the same time a great deal of excitement that I announce some news about Twisted.
The heavy heart is for our dear social media / marketing guru Ruby Sethi Fremon, who as of today will be leaving our team.  Ruby brought years of experience in event marketing and production to Twisted, not to mention a personal brand that both bolstered the company’s image and reinvented it for the better. Her time at Twisted saw the creation of two weekly nightclub brands, one of which, our signature SoundLab Saturdays, was voted “Best Electronic Night” at the 2013 Vancouver Nightlife Awards.  She also changed our approach to all of our social media channels, and helped to louden our voice in the Vancouver Nightlife scene.
As many of you know already, Ruby followed her own heart and made a life-changing move to L.A. back in 2013.  For many months now she has been busy filling her role as Director of Marketing for Twisted from afar.  During this time she has done what she did throughout her tenure at Twisted, which was to advance the image and presence of the company in many positive ways.  But the recent move of our office to the FIVESIXTY building has centralized our operations, and thus we all felt that we needed all of our key team members working together in one place.  This however gives Ruby a chance expand her life experience outside of Twisted and take on new ventures and projects down south.
Here is what Ruby had to say about leaving Twisted:

It’s been an eventful 5 years working in the nightlife industry but I must admit, the last 2 years have been the most memorable. Twisted provided me with the opportunity to grow my career from working inside nightclubs to producing concerts and hosting world class talent.  I’ve had such a fantastic time working with the team and I will cherish those memories forever. Leaving my Twisted family and the Vancouver nightlife scene has me feeling like a sad Unicorn, however this is a new chapter in my life and one that I am most excited to embark on.
I wish Twisted nothing but success in the future. In my opinion, they are by far the most driven group of people in the Vancouver nightlife scene. I cannot wait to see all that they accomplish! Don’t be surprised if you see me pop up, working alongside Twisted on future events as I will support them no matter what.
Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me in my 5 year journey within the Vancouver nightlife scene. And a very heartfelt THANK YOU to my awesome Twisted family.
Now… to begin my new life in LA <3

Ruby will be truly missed, but there’s no doubt she will always be a member of our family.
The excitement I mentioned is for the current state of Twisted.  Ruby has left the company in a strong standing and in good hands.  We are coming into a busy period of a variety of shows, with live concerts from acts like Infected Mushroom from Israel, performing this Saturday at FIVESIXTY, to formidable up and coming EDM acts like Orjan Nilsen and Neelix, to Twisted favourites like John O’Callaghan and Stanton Warriors.  There are a ton more exciting shows we are just about to announce too, so stay tuned.
I’m also happy to announce two new additions to our team:  Jessica Raj who will be taking over the reins of our social media, and Marcus Berelowitz who will be assisting us with event management and operations.  Jessica can now be reached at and Marcus at
Thank you once again to all of our fans and patrons for your support.  See you at the next show!
Azim Virani