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Trance Legend Ferry Corsten Touches Down for SoundLab at FIVESIXTY

—The time has come For Vancouver to celebrate over a decade of Ferry Corsten—


Well before dance music began appearing regularly on North America’s Top 40 charts, Twisted Productions was already well-established in the Vancouver trance scene, providing Vancouverites with quality trance music. Now, eleven years after debuting the Dutch mega star and trance pioneer to Vancouver, Twisted is celebrating by bringing Ferry Corsten back to our great city (with a very rare club appearance) on March 1st. It’s been three years since Ferry Corsten touched down in Vancouver for a solo set, making this particular SoundLab experience all the more worthwhile for trance lovers.

From his humble beginnings in the late 90’s, Ferry Corsten was instrumental in engineering the high BPM euphoria now known as classic mainstream trance—and it was his stylistic innovation that gave rise to superstar trance juggernauts Armin van Buuren and Tiesto.

After mentoring countless young trance producers, Corsten decided to continue the genre’s evolution. In 2002 he released Punk, which for the first time in trance history spliced electro and trance into a single track. While this may be a common practice today, it was revolutionary at the time, and it served as further proof that Corsten’s career was a guiding light for the global direction of the entire trance community. As a testament to this fact, 2013 marked Corsten’s fifteenth straight year in the DJ Mag Top100—a record surpassed only by Paul van Dyk, Carl Cox, and Paul Oakenfold who all clock-in at seventeen years.

As for Corsten’s current sound: expect trance-infused progressive house with flares of electro. After so many years Corsten feels free from genre constraints as he continually looks for ways that trance can positively affect and influence each and every soundscape within the dance music world. In his own words, “trance is the salt and pepper on the table – the tastemaker—because everybody takes [trance] melodies…and they listen to trance music to find inspiration for their style.”

Last October, backstage with Markus Schulz, Ferry elaborated on how trance can spice up mainstream EDM, and his artistic justification for blending genres live:

“…if you hear melody after melody after melody or breakdown after breakdown after breakdown, it’s so boring. And if you hear drop after drop after drop, it’s just so repetitive. But if I mix it up, after a bit of trance I hit the dirty stuff and the drops, and then, the next uplifting melody that comes in it’s like—I’ve been waiting for this!”

It’s clear that Ferry is still optimistic after so many years in the industry—ten years later, Corsten can still keep his audience on their toes by peppering trance melodies throughout his ground breaking sets.

So, on March 1st, experience a celebration a decade in the making with Twisted Productions at Vancouver’s awarded Best Electronic Night: SoundLab Saturdays at FIVESIXTY. Experience an evening of trance without borders in the capable hands of Dutch pioneer Ferry Corsten—there’s no telling the twists and turns the night could take. 


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