Infected Mushroom: The Uncompromised Live EDM Experience

“He’s just pressing play!”

 “The beat isn’t being built live!”

“These transitions are pre-recorded!”

We’ve all heard the complaints about mainstream pop culture destroying live dance music. Luckily, for those in search of a safe haven, there is Infected Mushroom.

Formed in 1998, by Amit Duvdevani and Erez Eisen, Infected Mushroom predates popularized dance music with roots intertwined in a rich underground culture. While many acts have fallen into the void of consumerist EDM trap, Infected Mushroom have remained true to themselves as they continue to transport audiences around the world into a dark psychedelic dreamscape. Add a healthy helping of trance, electronica, and the occasional jolt of dubstep to the mix and Infected Mushroom are sure to leave an extraordinary impression.

On top of their pure studio sound, Infected Mushroom take patrons on an incredible live trip every time they hit the stage. When Amit Duvdevani’s vocals transform from satanic rock to glitchy robot stutters, you realize that they’re changing these effects live and their brilliance suddenly reaches new heights. The artistry and raw talent of this four piece live experience is unparalleled by anything the majority of new EDM fans have yet to witness.

Infected Mushroom will leave no doubts that what you are witnessing is real, genuine, and the work of uncompromising visionaries.  Right before your eyes, this accomplished live act will create an uncanny rock-EDM hybrid at Vancouver’s award winning electronic night: SoundLab at FIVESIXTY.

Buy tickets to the June 29th long weekend show and party with Twisted Productions and Infected Mushroom – you won’t regret it.

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Post written by guest blogger, RYAN HAYES