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We Do Breaks :: Double Dip with Krafty Kuts & Stanton Warriors

In a world of rigid genres and mass production singles, humanity and soul has slowly withered away.  Using their musical knowledge and expertise, Twisted Productions is ready to cut through dull grey and serve up a double helping of original EDM.
First on the docket, Krafty Kuts brings his mastery to SoundLab at FIVESIXTY this Saturday, April 20th.  Krafty dismantles the mainstream reality of EDM and blurs funk, drum and bass, soul, hip hop, jazz, electro, and dubstep.  At age twelve Krafty won his first DJ competition, some thirty years ago, and has been causing dance floor hysteria ever since.  Currently touring with a broken leg, Krafty yearns for nothing more than to keep his fans doing what he cannot: dance ridiculously to limitless genre-bending EDM.  A DJ who feels experienced, authentic and fresh is a rare gem not to be overlooked.Not to be upstaged, Stanton Warriors are set to bring a second helping of breakbeat to FIVESIXTY next Saturday, April 27th.  The duo’s live sets are legendary, riddled with exclusive original tracks, homemade edits/remixes of songs from every genre, and edgy underground house beats layered with timeless hip hop.  Whether you are a first time customer or a repeat offender, Stanton Warriors never fail to capture a crowd with their originality.  Those who attended the duo’s October 2012 show at FIVESIXTY can attest to the fact that a night with Stanton Warriors is akin to melting in a pot of filthy, booty shaking electro.  With over a decade of experience under their belt, a night with the Warriors will be a night well spent.

The only question is: should you go to Krafty Kuts or Stanton Warriors?  Or, double dip and hit up both (our recommendation)?  Either way you won’t be disappointed — we are Twisted Productions, and you better believe we do breaks.
by Ryan Hayes