On The Record | Kristian Nairn

For those who aren’t aware, you have an extensive history as a DJ and electronic music producer. Can you tell us a bit more about how you got into it?
Basically, I was working in a Club back home in Belfast. A DJ needed to be covered and I offered my services as no one else was free. And that’s how it started. For years before that though I had been in many local bands and projects playing guitar and singing, so it’s been a part of my life forever. 
What can we expect to hear from your set at Rave of Thrones in Vancouver this Saturday?
You can expect deep, dark, chunky, bleepy, funky house… And loud. Always LOUD! 
How would you describe the Rave of Thrones tour and how have your fans responded?
For me, it’s been a way to combine exposing the people who know me from GoT to my music and showing the other strings to my bow. It’s a mixture of music fans and fans of the show and they really come together. People from all different walks of life… That’s what I believe clubbing should be all about.  
How has your role as Hodor on Game of Thrones affected your life?
It’s changed my life 100%. Nothing is the same today as it was before the show started. And all in mostly positive ways.  One of the only downsides is the constant travel.  You end up feeling disconnected from home and reality. But it’s also a great blessing. 
You’re a self described “jack of all trades.” When you’re not acting or DJing, how do you spend your time?
I mean, I literally turn myself off when I can. It’s a rare chance these days, so I don’t tend to do too much. I like to game, World of Warcraft mainly, and hang out with my dogs. 
You’re a very versatile artist. Can you tell us about the individuals who have inspired you?
Anyone who embraces diversity and refuses to quit inspires me. Doesn’t necessarily need to be anyone famous. I think you can apply the principles of tenacity to any lifestyle and career path. 
When you were younger, did you imagine yourself being in the position you are now?
I always knew something would happen, and that I had the tools to make it happen. I just wasn’t sure how!!! 
On an average day, how many times do fans yell “HODOR!” at you?
Today, the count is 0 haha. It happens occasionally but not to the point that I want to physically harm others.
Finally, what’s the most twisted thing that’s ever happened to you on the Game of Thrones set?
Are you serious?? Have you seen the show? EVERYTHING that happens on that show is twisted!! 

Don’t miss Kristian Nairn hitting the decks at FIVESIXTY 

for Rave of Thrones this Saturday, April 4!

TICKETS & INFO: Twisted.ca/RaveOfThrones