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On The Record | Stanton Warriors: Part 2

Let’s jump right into the deep end! Last summer’s sold out yacht party was a new experience for you and your fans in Vancouver. What was your most memorable moment?

Looking up at the crowd to see them all cheering to a particular old track and then looking up even higher and seeing an incredible sunset!
How would you describe the experience for anyone who missed it last year?
Most boat parties are on the top deck. This one had great people, great sound and stunning surroundings. The best boat party we have ever done
Can we expect similar sounds on this year’s yacht party or are you planning to blow us out of the water with something completely new?
All fresh new shiz for this one. We’ve been working hard in the studio and have some summer time bombs.
We loved your set the last time you came to Vancouver for the Rebel Bass tour in March! Do you find that the crowds you’ve been playing to while touring are receiving your new music well?
Yes! And that’s so important to us. We make music for our own dance floors as opposed to trying to fit into various ‘scenes’. Without people liking what we do we would give up!
Your sound has developed and changed over the course of your career. Would the Stanton Warriors from the 90’s or early 2000’s appreciate the music you put out this past year? What would they say about it?
It’s evolved but I think it still has our style. At the end of the day we make music that we actually want to hear as opposed to copying what others do. It’s important to originate not duplicate!
Last time we spoke, you mentioned fresh artists like Taiki Nulight, Chris Lorenzo, and Woz have been working their way into your sets. Are there any new artists or sounds that have caught your attention in the recent months?
Yes lots of new talent. Wuki, Tony Quattro, Marten Horger, Mafia Kiss and lots of random tunes from artists who normally make house or d&b but dabble in broken beats.We know that it’s not an easy question to answer, but how do you plan to top your latest work? The Rebel Bass album was a huge success!
Work harder! There is always another beat to make or baseline to craft. Creativity never ends!What’s the next milestone you have in sight?
DJ in North Korea and do more gigs for good causes.
Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us! We can’t wait for you to return to Vancouver this July. Finally, what’s the most twisted thing that’s happened to you on the Rebel Bass tour?
After a gig at Ku De Ta in Bangkok a few weeks back, we all ended up at some gangster bar where heavily tattooed topless armed men openly sold drugs across the bar and it was all very Hangover 2.

Set sail with the legendary Stanton Warriors aboard

the Queen of Diamonds on Saturday, July 18th!