Sharam: A True EDM Artist

Entangled in decades of underground history and steeped in originality, Sharam is a true EDM artist. In 1992 he teamed up with Ali Shirazinia to create the Iranian-American powerhouse Deep Dish. Throughout their iconic career together, Sharam and Ali remixed the likes of Madonna, Janet Jackson, and Cher – and all before they were nominated for multiple Grammys. Eventually, in 2002, Deep Dish took home the “Best Remixed Recording” Grammy for their remix of Dido’s “Thank You.”

By 1998 the duo’s debut album, Junk Science, had made them a global success. Legendary for their atmospheric live sets, Sharam and Ali continued to grow artistically as they traveled the globe, but their paths were divergent. After the release of their second album in 2005, Deep Dish took a hiatus. Sharam took his newfound freedom as an opportunity to establish his sound as a safe haven for dance music purists – he became a roaming stronghold for live mixing, with a love for the essentials that bonded EDM as a community. 

In May 2009 Sharam released the first single off his upcoming album Get Wild: “She Came Along,” which featured Kid Cudi on vocals. With this album Sharam unveiled an artist freed from the shackles of genre, an artist in search of moving dance music. As the year progressed Sharam continued his victory lap by releasing his debut solo Essential Mix on Pete Tong’s famed BBC Radio One show. By year end, Sharam’s entry into the pantheon of ground breaking Essential Mixes was voted the year’s best. 

This Essential Mix was riddled with originals and scattered with releases from his own label, Yoshitoshi Recordings. Since 1994, Sharam’s label sought to push the boundaries of EDM by releasing refreshing tracks and eclectic compilations.

Searching for a way to out-do a phenomenal 2009, Sharam undertook a ten hour set at Warung Beach Club in the Spring of 2011. Warung is a Bali-themed giant teepee tucked away in the heart of the Brazilian jungle. Located on a strip of coast known as the Ibiza of Brazil, Sharam sold out the club’s 4000 raver capacity and unleashed what Pete Tong said was a set of devastating form. Unmatched in both stature and prowess, Sharam’s Warung experience both entertained and educated the crowd of dance music pilgrims.

Not one to be idle, Sharam released his second album, Night and Day, in July 2012. Spanning two disks and the entire spectrum of dance music, Sharam’s aim was simple: leave listeners smiling. Sharam believes that dance music should create an open dialogue with a live audience – an unbiased exchange not of one’s allegiance to a genre, but of “one’s allegiance to the art form.” With such a rich past, Sharam embodies the essence of dance music.


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Check out Sharam’s latest track, “On & On” HERE.

Sharam’s latest SOUNDCLOUD mix 


Post written by guest blogger, RYAN HAYES