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Stanton Warriors: Legendary Breakbeat Heroes Touch Down in Vancouver

#WeDoBreaks. To prove this once and for all, we’re bringing the legendary Stanton Warriors back to Vancouver. For the first time in three years, both members of the breaks duo will play a very special edition of FIVESIXTY’s SoundLab on Saturday, November 2nd.

For the Stanton Warriors, the elusive creative spark was ignited from a most unlikely place: their name and persona were inspired by the manhole covers cast from the Stanton Ironworks, the biggest employer of working class Ilkeston. By taking on the name of these gritty U.K. sewer plates, they have established themselves as the unabashed warriors of the underground scene. Their name is a constant reminder of their beginnings from the grimy bottom, as they continue to pave the way for truly unique and rewarding music.

Since their first release in 1997, the Stanton Warriors are renowned for their live sets – each time they get behind the decks, patrons are guaranteed a rare experience riddled with exclusive original tracks, homemade edits/remixes from countless genres, and edgy underground house beats layered with timeless hip hop. The Stanton Warriors take inspiration from all genres; that they are able to keep these transitions fluid is truly astonishing.

As ambassadors of the modern breakbeat movement, the Stanton Warriors sound found its origins with the evolution of underground 70’s hip-hop. In EDM terms this means that the Warriors’ sound is characterized by a non-straightened 4/4 drum pattern, which decisively sets breakbeat apart from the other big raver genres of the time: house, techno and trance. Over the years, the Warriors’ brilliance has been recognized countless times by their peers and they remain a constant fixture at the International Breakbeat awards: in 2012 they won best album for ‘The Warriors.’

If you are in need of a nudge in the right direction, simply stream Stanton Warriors’ Re Bounce of Daft Punk’s Derezzed and Major Lazer’s Pon Da Floor. Need more? Take seven minutes to experience the Warriors’ groovy remix of the Gorillaz’ Feel Good Inc.

The Stanton Warriors never fail to capture a crowd with their originality and live charisma – they are an EDM melting pot with over a decade of experience under their belt. Come see their show on Saturday November 2 at FIVESIXTY’s SoundLab, because a night spent with the Warriors is always the right decision.


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